The Power of You: Recap of the KDP Convo in Sunny Virginia


For the past three days, I have attended workshops, receptions, and keynotes at the 2019 Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education’s Convocation in Norfolk, Virginia. Keynotes and panel sessions by David C. Berliner, H. Richard Milner IV, Angela Valenzuela, David Gillborn, Jacqueline Irvine, and Gary Orfield focused on culturally responsive teaching practices, diversity in the workplace, the issue of color-blindness, and the need for teachers to advocate for themselves in the profession. 

In addition to these sessions, I presented a Deep Dive session titled, “Inquiry-Based Teaching Practices That Lead to Deeper Learning.”  A description of the session I led is as follows:

Inquiry-based instruction builds community and raises the expectations of all students, as students take the lead on asking questions and seeking the answers. In this interactive session, participants engage in inquiry-based activities that promote student discussions, collaboration, and critical thinking. Highly effective teaching strategies and classroom application are discussed in pairs and small groups. Participants leave with several strategies to use immediately in their classrooms.

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 10.47.26 AM
John Helgeson, International Committee Chair; Leana Malinowski, Membership Committee Chair; Shannon Rice, Executive Council; Clinton Smith, Public Policy Chair

Even though I find the sessions and keynotes valuable, I find connecting with my colleagues from around the world even more valuable. I served on the Executive Council for KDP from 2016-2018, and I currently serve as Co-Chair of the International Committee and a Professional Network Liason. At this year’s convocation, I was able to reconnect with colleagues I consider friends as we discussed and shared our passions regarding the educational field.  I met new friends from Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya opening doors to new areas of the world and collaborative learning opportunities.  It was a great convo, and I’m sad to see it finish (but I’m also exhausted and ready for some much-needed sleep!).   

I encourage anyone interested in the educational field to check out  In addition to powerful articles found in the New Teacher Advocate, the KDP Record,  and The Educational Forum, The Educator Learning Network is available, which KDP describes as a “learning environment that offers a variety of research-based courses designed to support teachers in their career advancement and development of professional competencies.”

I plan on sharing more information and resources used in my presentation in future blog posts.

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