Making a Movement Toward Inclusivity and Other Topics

There are several ways to interpret what it means to be “teaching through movement” in and out of the classroom. While a majority of my previous blog posts have focused on physical movement in the classroom, I am shifting the focus of my blog to be more inclusive of pedagogy, philosophy, social justice, equity, and so on. I will continue to blog about physical movement, but I’ll also include other topics.

In August I had the opportunity of being a panelist at the United Nations Civil Society Conference in August.  This year’s conference focused on Sustainable Development Goal 11, “to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030.” The panel I was one was titled, “Access to Quality Education for All-A Global Approach.” 

I had the honor of presenting with three outstanding individuals including Dr. Rose Carderelli, Executive Council member of Kappa Delta Pi, Childhood Education International Director, and United Nations NGO/Department of Global Communication Director; Dr. Vicky Tusken, President of the KDP Executive Council and Secondary Curriculum Coordinator in DeKalb, Illinois; and Dianne Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer of Childhood Education International in Washington, DC. Education contributes to the success of communities and their citizens. Furthermore, working toward ensuring a quality education for all students promotes inclusivity, safety, resiliency, and sustainability of students as they engage with their communities.  Topics of our panel included the education of refugee children, social justice, and education diplomacy. My portion of the panel presentation focused on what countries and school systems can learn from exploring effective professional development models from high achieving countries.  

Overall, the conference provided multiple opportunities to network with people around the globe as well as learn from and with individuals as we continue to work toward SDG 11. An official press release of the conference can be found here:

Representatives of Global Civil Society Adopt Outcome, Youth Climate Compact, as Thousands Attend Historic United Nations Gathering in Salt Lake City