The Nature of Reading

PathI have always enjoyed reading.  I love escaping into a fictional world and letting my imagination soar.  Similarly, I love escaping into professional reading and letting my creative juices flow into planning the next lesson or PD session.

Summer is my favorite season of the year for so many reasons. As an educator, I enjoy the weeks of playing with my family, travelling to places here and there, exercising in the great outdoors, and camping in the woods or on the ocean beaches. The other part of summer I love is reading. Of course, I can read at any time of the year, but I particularly enjoy reading outdoors. Reading outside can take on many different forms.  My kids and I love to go the library and then take our books to the local coffee shop to divulge in the pictures and content of what we have just selected to explore. We do this throughout the year, but the summer allows us to sit outside the coffee shop rather than inside.

A goal for this summer is to take reading outdoors to a new level. Since we love reading, love to exercise, and love nature, it makes sense to combine these three loves.  After walking along one of the beaches, it is common for us to plop down on a blanket and enjoy a chapter or two. Once we have finished swimming in our pool, or during a snack or rest break, we like to read a few pages of the books we are in the middle of.  Before we are finished playing at the local park, it is necessary to hydrate while sitting on a bench with a book in hand.

Creating these moments prioritizes exercise, venturing outdoors, and reading a good book. These are experiences my kids will take into their adult lives as habits are set early. Creating a love for reading does not have to be a chore. Allowing kids to be creative outdoors while exercising does not have to feel forced. We embrace and value these three activities reinforcing each other with positive experiences the mind craves. The positivity increases the learning environment of my children.  I wonder how this might be reflected in the classroom…. I know there is a way to embrace this experience and replicate it. I curious on the ideas people have to use movement, nature, and reading during the school year.