Vocabulary Tableau…Part Two


This post builds on ideas presented in an early post about the Vocabulary Tableau activity.  It is one of my favorite activities to do in the classroom.  There are a couple of variations that are fun to implement that can be used as a way to differentiate or to extend the learning.

  1.  To start the tableau, students could individually, or as a small group, sketch out the definition of the work (or clues to the word and its use). This adds another layer of visualization to increase understanding and connection prior to the actual performance of the tableau itself. An additional variance can involve students sketching the tableaus after they have been completed (or a picture that represents the tableau).
  2. Another variation can involve a variance of related words, or words that connect in some sort of progression.  In this variation, teachers assign groups a word, or term, to work on.  Then, the words are performed in order.  To add more movement, student can be arranged in groups in the hallway, or outside, to present in tableaus in order one after another.
  3. Picture of the tableaus can be taken and then viewed via Google Slides during class or at home.  These can also be used as short warm-ups for the classroom.  Students can refer to the term based on the image and/or they can mimic the tableaus individually or as a group.
  4. One-Word Performance:  In this variance, groups think of one work to perform as they are frozen in their tableau positions.  The word could be related to what they are doing in the tableau or to the word itself.  Of course, it would not be the word itself.

The initial post can be found at:




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