Activate the Adolescent Writer


This week I have the opportunity of presenting at the 2015 AMLE Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  I will be presenting a concurrent session and a workshop.  My current session is titled:  Activate the Adolescent Writer.  In this session, I will present ways to use movement activities to help students with the writing process.  Many of the movement strategies can be used in areas beyond writing instruction; however, I have aligned movement with specific writing strategies to help students activate the mind prior to and during the writing process.

One of the activities I will be modeling is titled: Think-Time-Share.  This activity is aligned to a narrative writing prompt that can be used at the beginning of the class period.  Students are shown one or more photos (although it can be any media).  As students study the pictures, they think of sensory language that can be applied to each picture.  After a minute of observation, all students stand.  The instructor asks students to think about a specific picture and a specific sense.  The instructor then tells students to perform an action (running in place) for 30 seconds.  During these 30 seconds, students think about all of the words they related to the identified sense of the picture.  Once the 30 seconds have commenced, students share with a partner, and then volunteers are solicited.  The teacher then picks a different sense and a different action.  Once the students have had a chance to work through each sense, they write a narrative paragraph about the picture.


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