PD: The Movement Gallery


As I mentioned in a previous post, last week I had the opportunity of co-leading multiple PD sessions. One of our goals was to get the attendees up and moving during the presentation. We wanted to engage them in multiple ways in order to model the different ways to engage the various students in our classrooms. One of the activities we organized is one that can be easily be modified for adults and students in multiple settings. I like to call the activity the gallery discussion.

We hung ten quotes/images around the room. These posters all referenced a specific topic: having a growth mindset. We asked the attendees to silently walk around the space and look at each poster. After a few minutes, we asked them to stand by the poster that resonated with them the most as to how they felt about having a growth mindset. They then discussed with other people who picked the same poster. After a few minutes, we asked them to find a poster that they thought represented how their students viewed having a growth mindset. They had a different conversation with their new groups.

This activity worked as a lead-in to more in-depth material focusing on what it means to have a growth mindset in the classroom. It can easily be adapted to other PD sessions, meetings, and lessons in the classroom. The gallery discussion allowed attendees to move around, engage their minds, talk with colleagues, and prepare mentally for longer period of time.

image:  https://ruminatingonthecore.edublogs.org/files/2015/03/gallery-walk-1v0b2s3.jpg


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