Circling Through Answers


I modified a very simple movement activity today in my classroom. Sometimes, due to a lack of inspiration (or the pressure of time), I have students simply stand up at their desks to do a quick Think-Pair/Group-Share. By adding the basic standing motion, it helps break the monotony of a seated period of time. I started by doing this today, but thought to myself….how boring! Of course, it would have more boring to just sit and share. So, I decided to add another movement to jazz up the standing conversation. After students shared with each other in their groups (I have them seated in groups of three), I had them rotate in a clockwise motion to the next desk in their groups. While standing, I drew names out of a cup I like to call the CUP OF DREAMS AND OPPORTUNITIES. The student called on shared something from his or her group. The students then rotated to the next chair. I drew another name and an answer was shared. After doing this for about six times, students returned to their seats.

This activity was simple to do and the kids loved it. More importantly, it helped students focus for the intense information that followed the activity.


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