Visual Vocabulary Internalization


Vocabulary building is an important skill students need.  Using visual cues  and repetition to help students learn and acquire vocabulary leads to powerful instruction and recall.  This movement activity involves photographs, vocabulary words, and standing/sitting action.

Before a teacher conducts this activity, it will be important to choose at least ten vocabulary words students have been studying.  For each vocabulary word, a picture is delicately and deliberately chosen to represent the meaning of the word.  It is important that the image truly can represent the word and cannot be mistaken for another vocabulary word.

To begin this activity, student are seated in their desks.  The teacher says a vocabulary word and begins a power point slide show (or something similar) showing the picture assigned to the vocabulary words.  When students see a picture that matches the definition of the word spoken, they stand up.  A short discussion occurs explaining why the picture matches (or does not match) the spoken work.  Students return to the seated position and the teacher reads the next word and continues to scroll through the power point.

This activity could be done as a formative assessment to test students prior to and after learning the words.


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