Summer is Here! Let’s Move!


Summer is finally here. The speed at which the school year ends propels students and teachers into action. The action may plunge into a sea of relaxation, reflection, and resistance of all distractions. Or, the action may soar into the sky of rethinking and retooling. Either way, teachers eventually enter the moment of planning for the new school year.

I just finished the year and I am thinking of new ways to add movement to my classes for next year. My goal is to get students moving each day. While I attempted to do that this year, there were days when it didn’t happen. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, but there were days when I wish I had had something more officially planned. Brain breaks are great to use, but I like to use movement in conjunction with the content we are studying. My largest area of growth is during writing instruction.

While I haven’t tried it yet, I was thinking of adding a visual tableau as a way to break up the writing process during a extended period of writing. For example, after a few minutes of writing, students would be asked to stand and create a frozen body position of their thesis statement or attention grabber. A few students would share their responses and why they froze in the position they did. Once they shared, they would sit and continue writing. The idea is to make a mind-body link regarding the writing process as well as energize students to continue to write.

As I continue to develop this idea and expand it to the entire writing process, I will blog the progress.