Flipping and Moving



I have been answering a number of questions in my building about the flipped classroom experience.  I must admit that I am still a novice since this is only my second year treading the waters of the great flipped adventure.  As with many flipped classroom models, I often use my flipped classroom lessons as an opportunity for students to study information about a topic, strategy or skill that we will be practicing, revising, perfecting, or embracing in future class periods.  I am beginning to add a twist by having students perform some type of physical activity warm-up prior to watching the flipped classroom videos or reading the flipped classroom articles.  Of course, I have not real way of knowing whether or not students are participating in the physical activity, but I know that if they do, there is a potential for them to be more alert while they are completing the lessons at home.  For example, I might give them the task of doing jumping jacks for 1 minute before they begin to take notes.  Or, I might build in mini-movement activities in videos I create to help them energize prior to the mentioning of important terms or concepts.


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