This is a short, but informational video, explaining how a recent study from Princeton University reported that exercise actually reorganizes the brain to handle stress better.

The video supports the thought that physical activity is helpful for all levels of students. Not only does it help students who need to get up and move, it helps students deal with stress and anxiety. Adolescence is a period of time when students are feeling stress and anxiety due to social, physical, and behavioral situations.

Studies have indicated that students who engaged in physical activity regularly had lower levels of anxiety and depression (Greenleaf et al., 2010; Gondoh et al., 2009; Parfitt et al., 2009). In fact, physically active youth tend to have higher levels of self-esteem, self-worth, and body perception (DeBate et al., 2009).

As teachers begin to plan for the new school year by creating lessons focused on community, respect, and responsibility, it may be worthwhile to add physical activity to those lessons. A stress-free, or reduced-stress, environment may translate to a safe learning environment.


How Exercise Rewires Your Brain

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