Taking It All IN….Around the Room Notes

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I referenced this activity in a previous blog post.  Besides Stand-Sit Review, it is an easy way to add movement during a class period.  Many teachers (at the secondary level) shy away from adding movement activities to their lessons.  One of the reasons they do so is because they are afraid of potential chaos.  The Around the Room Notes activity is an easy activity to add to any lesson.  Teachers often have students take notes regarding key topics, vocabulary, and general content concepts.  I use this activity frequently in my classroom.

1.  Decide what it is you want students to take notes on.  I will often have students jot down academic vocabulary notes or notes on writing concepts or literary terms.

2.  Type the notes you want students to take.  It is important to limit the information.  Notes are meant to be brief (in most cases).  Limit one term per piece of paper.

3.  Print the notes out and tape them to the wall around the room.

4.  When it is time for students to take the notes, have them walk around the room and take the notes in any order.  I limit 3 students per piece of paper (I tell them they need to go to another term and copy it if there are too many students at one piece of paper). I also inform students that this activity is a silent activity and they are not allowed to talk throughout the activity.

Variations:  Sometimes I cover the notes with a blank piece of paper so students have to lift up the piece of paper in order to take the notes.  Also, in order to help my ELL and special needs students, I print out the notes, leaving blanks, so they only have to fill in missing words.

At the end of the activity, we review the terms/notes  (or we review them as the lessons progress).

Again, this activity is easy and students love taking notes in this manner.


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