Stand-Sit Review Activity


One of the questions that often pops during workshops is…. You make it seem so easy. How can the ordinary teacher implement movement in the classroom?  First of all, I’m not sure there is such a thing as an “ordinary” teacher.  Each teacher has his or her own strengths, and we all approach our classrooms the way we feel is best for the students within our classes.  To some, adding movement to the classroom feels intimidating or an open door to chaos. I believe that, if structured correctly, anyone can add movement.

One of my favorite movement activities is what I call the stand-sit review.  The first thing I tell students is that they need to be absolutely quiet during the activity and that I am evaluating what they have to contribute to the activity. (Of course, the term “evaluate” can have multiple meanings for students and teachers).  I then ask all students to stand up and face the front of the room.  I proceed to ask questions.  Students can either raise their hands to contribute answers, or I can choose to call on students of my choice.  When students answer a question they can sit down. I continue to ask questions until the review is finished.  In order to make sure all students are listening, I often will have multiple students (both standing and sitting) to repeat the answer.  If students can not repeat the answer, they have to stand up (or remain standing).  As a twist, sometimes I make all students stand (or sit) at different points during the activity.  This keeps students active physically.

Students absolutely love this activity.  I do it a little differently each time to spark their interest.


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